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episode1: on the 1



Photography for Episode 1 by Shaun Wolfe

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Magan Kunin

Sommelier and winemaker Seth Kunin started Kunin Wines in 1998, focusing on Syrah, Zinfandel and Viognier. Over the years he added additional Rhone and Loire Valley varieties such as Chenin Blanc, Cabernet Franc, Grenache Noir and Blanc, Rousanne and, more importantly, his wife and business partner Magan and their daughter Phoebe. Since Seth’s passing in 2017, Kunin continues to be a family concern led by Magan in the cellar and is governed more by the passions and personalities of the Kunins than those of the critics or marketplace.


Now producing approximately 5,000 cases per year, Kunin Wines are distributed nationally and internationally and available to taste and purchase at their tasting room located just a block from the beach on downtown Santa Barbara's Urban Wine Trail.

Listen To Magan's Extended Interview Here

Abe Schoener

It is an amazing time: We have established a new home, in a certain sense our first, on the edge of the Los Angeles River.  We are have been nomads for so long-- winemakers working within others' walls; Scythians on trackless steppes, with our world on backs. Now, we have our own abode-- but not in the country, not in the midst of vines. In a corrugated steel cathedral, in the historic grape-growing and winemaking district of a great city. A return, and an amazing new beginning. A rebirth in the city.


Come visit us; see what we do... you may reach out to us and schedule a tour; get here at the beginning. We will make our space a special home for our friends and supporters. Tastings will all be by appointment; many special activities will be offered: lectures, symposia, guest chefs hosting small dinners. To gain entrance to these events, you must become a member of the winery. You have come to the right place.

Listen To Abe's Extended Interview HERE


Photo by Christina Rasmussen


Stephanie Mutz

Like all great ideas, Sea Stephanie Fish was born over a shot of tequila at Brophy's at the Santa Barbara Harbor in 2012. Two Santa Barbara sea urchin divers, Stephanie Mutz and Harry Liquornik, merged their individual uni businesses that had become too large to manage alone. Sea Stephanie Fish was the more recognized business name of the two, so that one stuck.

Sea Stephanie Fish sea urchins are available to the public, sold at several weekly markets and on the menu at dozens of restaurants up and down the California coast. A few nice people help with driving and other important tasks now, but Stephanie and Harry still do all the diving when the weather’s nice. If you’re near the harbor or on the water, keep an eye out for F/V Abre Ojos and F/V Skiff.

Listen To Stephanie Give All The Good Uni Details HERE

Photo by Fran Collin

Drake Whitcraft

Chris and Kathleen (Barnato) Whitcraft started Whitcraft Winery in 1985. Chris hosted a local wine radio program in Santa Barbara County for more than ten years and learned his craft from some of the best winemakers in California - Joe Heitz (Heitz Cellars), Dick Graff (Founded Chalone Winery and its AVA), and Burt Williams (Williams Selyem & Morning Dew Ranch) to name a few.

What began as a hobby grew into both a passion and a lifestyle, the commitment to which is present to this day in every bottle of our wine.

This passion for wine was passed on to their children, Drake and Alyssa. While Chris passed in 2014, Drake continues to carry on the tradition of excellent winemaking within the Whitcraft family.

Listen To Drake's Full Story HERE


Photo by Jimmy Hayes



Shaun Wolfe

"Swellologist" Shaun Wolfe is a cinematographer, photojournalist, and conservationist with a passion for environmentally and culturally-focused storytelling. Growing up in Southern California, Shaun spent decades surfing the California coast before starting a career as a marine biologist, and eventually getting a Master's degree from UC Santa Barbara in Environmental Science and Management. In graduate school, Shaun decided he could have a greater impact on the issues he cares about by working in media and has been working behind the camera ever since. His work has been published by Netflix, Amazon, National Geographic, and the New Yorker Magazine among others. When he's not working, you can find him chowing down on breakfast burritos or in the water searching for waves at one of Santa Barbara's perfect point breaks.

Andy Marshall

Andy Marshall, AKA Magic Jordan, is a producer, engineer, and musician based in Van Nuys, CA. He is the sole owner and operator of Drooping Rug Recording Studio. 

As Magic Jordan, Marshall blends pop, psychedelia, and folk to craft sophisticated, yet wonderfully accessible pieces.

Marshall composed and recorded the music for Shaun Wolfe's segment on surfing, swell, and point breaks in Southern California.

Drooping Rug

Magic Jordan

Magic Jordan.jpg

Connor Long

Recording and Sound Design for Season 1: Episodes 1 and 2.

Connor Long is an audio professional from Santa Barbara, CA. He has over 10 years of experience in the field as a recording engineer, mixer, and sound designer.

Connor has collaborated with a wide range of artists including Depeche Mode and operatic soprano Isabel Bayrakdarian. As a sound designer, he has worked on several documentaries and audiobooks including the award winning film The Dark Side of the Ocean.

Connor developed his craft in New York, receiving a master’s degree in music technology from NYU. His research focused on the correlation of certain perceptual and objective qualities of recorded audio, identifying a novel approach for measuring sensory phenomena.

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